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Dr. Brett Bowser Offers Fully Integrated Chiropractic Care

At North Bay Spine and Rehab, Dr. Brett Bowser takes a holistic whole-body approach to his patients’ chiropractic care. His main areas of treatment are chiropractic adjustments, non -surgical spinal decompression, cold laser therapy, physiotherapy, massage therapy, post-injury care, and wellness. Age is not a factor in treatment; everyone can benefit from chiropractic care. Dr. Bowser has successfully treated patients as young as a one-day-old infant suffering from colic to seniors dealing with chronic back pain issues.

Dr. Bowser started North Bay Spine & Rehab in 2017 intending to provide individualized care to help patients reach their ultimate health and wellness goals. He does not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. That is why in addition to chiropractic manipulation, his office offers several modalities that help aid in the healing and strengthening of the musculoskeletal system. One treatment option available to patients is spinal decompression therapy, which can help with neck and back issues by elongating the spine to take the pressure off of compressed discs and nerves.

“It’s a non -surgical way to help with neck and back injuries that are consistent with radicular symptoms down the arms and/or legs (i.e., Sciatica) and other issues where the patient is hoping to avoid injections and/or surgery. This is a more conservative approach,” Dr. Bowser explained. “We also offer cold laser therapy. Unlike surgical lasers, which are used for heating and cutting through tissue, cold laser therapy provides lower levels of light that have been FDA-approved for reducing pain while stimulating the healing process. In my practice, I’ve seen a sprained ankle that may typically take two weeks to heal reduced to five days.”

At North Bay Spine and Rehab, the goal is to treat each patients’ individual needs. By offering these and many other additional treatment options in conjunction with chiropractic adjustments, Dr. Bowser and his team can offer patients customized treatment plans.

Dr. Bowser became interested in the field of chiropractic after experiencing its benefits firsthand at fifteen years old after being injured playing high school football.

“My first experience with chiropractic had nothing to do with the typical neck or back injury. I’d tried seeing specialists, but nothing seemed to be working, not injections or pain medicine. A chiropractor was treating my mom for headaches, so she decided to take me to one of her appointments. The chiropractor evaluated me and was able to adjust my foot. Instantly I felt relief, and the problem that I’d been dealing with for two months was fixed.”

After this introduction to chiropractic medicine, Dr. Bowser decided this would be his career. He received his bachelor’s degree in biology from Penn State University and his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Florida’s Palmer College of Chiropractic. After graduation, Dr. Bowser completed his postdoctoral studies in MRI interpretation and diagnostics from the Academy of Chiropractic, Post-Doctoral Division – New York. He has been a member of the Florida Chiropractic Association since 2011.

When asked to give an example of going above and beyond the standard of chiropractic care, Dr. Bowser shared a unique situation that occurred with one of his patients. After seeing several specialists, a mother at the end of her ropes was encouraged by a neighbor to visit Dr. Bowser. Previously, her twelve-year-old autistic son had seen no improvements, gained weight, and had outbursts of anger after visiting other specialists. Dr. Bowser was able to help the child that all other doctors simply wanted to medicate. He made chiropractic adjustments, looked for neurological impingement to improve the signal to the brain, searching even deeper into his history.

“I wanted to dive a little further. We did a food sensitivity blood panel. This type of test shows how a person’s body responds to a particular food over time.”

In this particular case, the results were indicative of significant sensitivities that prompted an adverse immune response.

“It’s getting more and more recognized that GI health corresponds to your overall health, everything in your body,” he said. “We put him on a good probiotic and continued with the manipulations, and the mother removed some of those high marker foods that we saw in the report. In about a month and a half, this boy made a complete 180. Before, he wasn’t making eye contact; now, he was making eye contact and answering me. He was starting to lose weight. He would come in and get on the table, position perfectly. It was like he was a whole different person.”

Results like this are not uncommon for Dr. Bowser. Hundreds of stellar reviews attest to patients’ successes in being treated at North Bay Spine and Rehab.

“We’ve grown organically through word-of-mouth referrals. That’s a testament to the practice, the team, and the care we provide here. I pride myself on our customer service. This profession is good at getting to the root cause of issues, diving into the source of the problem, not just treating the symptoms. I love helping and educating people. I’ve always had a great (chiropractic) experience personally, and I feel like I do a good job of passing that on professionally. I’m not just trying to adjust you and send you on your way. My goal is to empower people to take control of their healthcare. I think we provide hope and education to our patients.”

North Bay Spine & Rehab is located at 2431 Brunello Trace in Lutz. Masks are encouraged but not required. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, visit

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