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About The Practice

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At North Bay Spine and Rehab, patients have access to state-of-the-art technology like the SWCA Mark III [insert hyperlink on SWCA Mark III redirecting users to our Shockwave tab] (Shockwave) therapy system, the Vectra GenisysⓇ modular (Cold Laser) therapy system and the LSI System IV interferential muscle stimulator (E-STIM). Practitioners are trained in how to safely and effectively deliver these therapies.

Our services encompass a wide spectrum, starting with traditional chiropractic adjustment techniques such as spinal manipulation and joint mobilization. Additionally, we offer active and passive therapeutic exercises tailored to individual needs, aimed at enhancing mobility and function. For more complex cases, our practice includes advanced treatments like spinal decompression therapy and soft tissue manipulation, ensuring comprehensive care for our patients. Massage therapy, kinesio-taping, and personalized active therapeutic exercises are also popular options.

North Bay Spine and Rehab goes beyond hands-on techniques and treatments to explore additional ways to enhance health and wellness. Patients have access to IgG food sensitivity testing and high-quality nutritional supplements [Standard Process], with professional guidance on how to incorporate these tools into daily routines.

Patients have access to IgG food sensitivity testing and high-quality nutritional supplements [Standard Process], with professional guidance on how to incorporate these tools into daily routines.

For those in and around Lutz, Florida, who are ready to move beyond headaches, back or neck pain, fatigue, limited physical performance, or any other physiological issues, North Bay Spine and Rehab is a valuable resource.

Book an initial consultation online or by phone today to meet the team and begin a path toward a more healthful, happy, and rewarding lifestyle.


Words from our patients

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    "Great staff and very attentive to detail. We were able to be seen shortly after our car accident and have benefitted greatly from our treatment here."

    Nicole R.
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    "Dr. Bowser and his staff are fantastic! He is very knowledgeable and takes time to explain things in a way I understand."

    Michele C.
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    "I had an amazing experience at North Bay Spine. Dr. Bowser was very professional and friendly."

    Mitch T.
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    "I've been a patient with Dr. Bowser's office for over a month. Very pleased with my treatment plan, thus far, and feel comfortable when there."

    Raquel G.
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    "BEST CHIROPRACTOR in TAMPA area! I do not write many reviews but this was an absolute must. Here is the thing... the office staff is as PHENOMENAL and AMAZING"

    T B.
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    "I am very happy that I followed the recommendation because Dr. Bowser & his team are so caring & knowledgeable."

    Linda H.
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    "Dr. Bowser is friendly, knowledgeable, and compassionate about what he does. He works hard to get to the root cause of your issue and takes pride in his work."

    Ami T.
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    "Each time I'm there, I hear someone different call him their "miracle worker" in the waiting room and it is true!"

    Andrea H.
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    "Wow, I am a new patient who just left Dr. Bowser's office and was very impressed. He explained everything to me and was very thorough during the appointment."

    Jacqueline S.
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    "We love it here! The office staff is fabulous! Dr Bowser is amazing! He is so knowledgeable and makes the entire experience so efficient and worth it! "

    Tina W.
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    "Dr Bowser and his staff are top notch. They provide excellent care for their patients and couldn't be happier."

    Scott W.
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    "Dr. Bowser & staff are amazing! They truly care about their patients! They treat you like family and are very welcoming! This office is a 5 star plus!"

    Twila W.


North Bay Spine and Rehab
2431 Brunello Trace
Lutz, FL 33558
Phone: 813-669-2950
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