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How Active Chiropractic Care Helps Student Athlete’s Performance

When a student-athlete, a high school football player, developed a nagging foot injury, his mother took him to see her chiropractor for possible treatment. The healing results were almost immediate; the far-reaching effects became more profound than the student could ever have anticipated.

That former student-athlete is Dr. Brett Bowser. He was motivated to become a chiropractor and is the founder of North Bay Spine & Rehab Center, located at 2431 Brunello Trace in Lutz.

“We operate a family practice, treating patients at all stages of life. Working with families allows us to treat student-athletes. Something that I’m passionate about because I understand the mental and physical demands my patients face.”

Dr. Bowser deals with sports injuries regularly. When dealing with athletes, he says there are three crucial components for helping them maintain peak performance levels; he calls them the 3 P’s—preventative, proactive, and preservative measures.

“Prevention comes in the form of yearly physicals to catch any irregularities that could pose potential risks to the athletes. During this, I do a combination of muscle and orthopedic testing, establish a baseline for the patient, and educate them on ways to reduce possible injuries and maximize performance in their specific sport.”

“Proactive measures involve creating treatment plans based on the patient’s activities and results of their initial physical. If a patient is symptom-free, I would likely recommend a regular maintenance plan to help maintain the integrity of the athlete’s musculoskeletal structure. Stretching, strengthening, and regular spinal and/or extremity adjustments help to minimize the body’s risk for injury.”

“If a patient has had previous injuries or is more prone to injury, I’d recommend a treatment plan that’s slightly more aggressive in frequency and duration while also introducing other modalities that could help speed up the recovery process, like cold laser therapy, Kinesio taping, electric muscle stimulation, and nutritional supplementation.”

“Preservation is all about educating the patients on what they can do at home to keep them healthy and to maintain the progress they’ve made from treatment. Nutrition, supplementation, postural awareness, sleep patterns, and psychological mindset are almost always discussed at this stage, along with stressing the importance of accountability with home exercise and stretching programs. Combining these steps keeps the athlete performing at their highest level.”

Dr. Bowser has seen firsthand the positive impacts of active treatment on student-athletes.

Kinsley Wooles, a student-athlete that plays both volleyball and soccer, has been treating with Dr. Bowser for five years. According to her mother, Tina, Kinsley has benefitted dramatically from consistent chiropractic treatments, “Chiropractic care has significantly expedited her recovery process after injuries; in addition to her treatment plan, Dr. Bowser also provides proactive care techniques to prevent future injuries. I’ve seen how preventative maintenance has added to Kinsley’s athletic longevity.”

Chiropractic care keeps the body aligned during competition to achieve maximum performance and recovery. “I believe it is better to be proactive with your healthcare rather than reactive. My goal has always been to give my patients the tools and resources needed to live a healthy life,” said Dr. Bowser. “I enjoy seeing my patients excel. Being able to be a part of that is extremely rewarding.”

To understand more about the value of chiropractic treatment, read what just one of Dr. Bower’s many satisfied patients wrote:

“My name is Scott Long, and I am the Athletic Director at Land O Lakes Christian School. As an AD, I am responsible for scheduling/overseeing our athletic programs, ensuring we have coaches/officials for our sports, coaching varsity girls volleyball, and daily supervising the gymnasium and any activities scheduled within, and I am an athlete myself! I have been under Dr. Bowser’s care since April 2022, when I herniated both L4 and S1 discs while playing beach volleyball. Dr. Bowser’s assessment led to me having spinal decompression sessions, which was the only relief I experienced in the two months following my injuries. The initial treatment had a positive impact within a couple of weeks, and I currently continue my spinal decompression as general maintenance.”

“Chiropractic care, in my opinion, along with proper care and maintenance of the body, would be extremely beneficial to student-athletes as they endure muscular-skeletal impact through sports played during junior high and high school. With proper skeletal alignment and appropriate fitness plans and programs, athletes can have a better physical life-long outcome and hopefully prevent, or at least minimize major injuries or setbacks.”

“Dr. Bowser is a chiropractor who is interested in providing the proper care/treatment that allows athletes and patients to both maintain proper muscular-skeletal health as well as return to activities in a proper manner; not just placing patients on a table, making a quick adjustment, and sending you on your way!”

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